Marketing Leadership, as Needed.
Platinum CMO.

The integrated marketing solution
that’s an extension of your business.

Your KPI’s, delivered.

We are considered thought leaders in the marketing world. With Platinum CMO, you are engaging with a full service marketing agency who works across all business functions.

We don't concern ourselves with simply "traffic" or "rankings" - our primary objective is meeting the KPI's that result in growth and revenue for your company.

You might think we're just another marketing company, but this fact might just blow you away.

Platinum CMO offers a service as special as our platinum namesake. We're a rarity in the industry in that we put our clients through an approval process - so we only deal with businesses that we know we can help.

The high quality of service and results have become synonymous with our brand. We're an investment in your business that delivers long-term value.

With limited spots available, we like to make sure that we can offer you a solution rather than just a service before you pay for anything.

Most awarded online marketing company in Australia

A way to avoid the template marketing solutions at last.

"Cookie cutter" marketing programs are designed to appeal to the masses. Our clients understand the value in a comprehensive marketing solution, because we deliver precisely what is needed.

Why limit yourself to just $1M in revenue? Our strategists are unrivalled in discerning when and where your marketing budget should be invested to maximise ROI on every marketing investment you make.

We have worked with
How to DOUBLE your sales when you don't have the time or resources.

At Platinum CMO we understand that there's only 24 hours in the day for everyone, and one person can only achieve so much in an average workday. That's why Platinum CMO has been trusted by many brands like QBE, Macquarie University, Samsung, Converse and many more. With 20+ marketing experts on hand, our strategies deliver the results you need whilst your time is better spent managing your business. Better still, we'll deliver insights that will allow you to easily make those tough business decisions, while providing custom reports with information YOU value.

You can dramatically INCREASE your revenue by
DECREASING the number of hats you wear.

We know the pains of business owners, marketing managers and CMO's that are
wearing too many hats and are spreading themselves too thin. This is where we can
step in and deliver on the specific objectives you require; one less hat you have to
wear everyday.

Plug into EXPERTS in each and every Field of Marketing.

Platinum CMO do not just limit you to one consultant and there individual viewpoints. You will have access to experts in each and every area relevant to digital marketing in your business.

By doing this, every effort undertaken is managed by experts, and reported and liaised through one project manager. This saves you time, and makes our marketing substantially more effective.

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